Plaster Repairs, Patching and Alterations

Why plaster repairs?

Nothing last forever and plaster is no exception. Since it's widespread adoption due to its light weigh, flexibility and beautiful finish plaster has found it's way into almost every home. However it's qualities also come at a cost. Plaster can be easily damaged and over the years can often need repairing, patching or replacing all together.


Sometimes, you've got a tired brick wall or a superfluous old wall heater that’s no longer used. We are able to cover up such areas and convert the space into a fresh and clean looking plaster surface which can add volume and brightness to your rooms. This is a low cost upgrade that can literally transform your home overnight.


Other times its party damage like the infamous 'fist hole' in the hall way, water damage on the roof, tacky timber panel replacement or removal of a daggy old archway. When it comes to plaster repairs We've seen it and done it all and the team at Pro Plastering Hobart have got you covered.


How do plaster repairs work?

It's pretty simple (from your side at least). If you've got plaster that needs repairing, patching or altering, simply fill in the free quote form with the details about the job including the main issues, type of plaster and your location and we'll get back to you asap with some free information and the wisest course of action. If you know what you want and you simply need someone there in a jiffy to fix the mess then give us a call to speak with a plastering repair specialist in Hobart today.


Once we've got the picture of what you need, we'll arrange a time to inspect the property and consult with you to determine the finer details so you know exactly what's happening. If necessary you can send us photos or we can arrange a video call to inspect the damage and repair work necessary from the distance and save everyone some time. Once the details are clear, we'll send one of our plastering specialists to your place immediately to start the repair work. 

How long do plaster repairs take?

Every job is different and it depends on the type and scale of the damage or repairs necessary. Many jobs can be completed within a day and there will be very little inconvenience to you. However if the plaster repairs are extensive, the work may span over multiple days, especially when painting is also required.


As a comprehensive plaster repair specialist, we can take care of all the work from end to end. This mean the cutting, removal and disposal of the damaged or outdated plaster as well as the supply, preparation and installation of the new plaster. We also provide a painting service to save you from hiring multiple tradies and stretching the work out even more.

Plaster Patching

Once a plaster board is damaged, sometimes we can get away with patching it up instead of replacing the whole sheet. Plaster patching involves cutting out the broken section, measuring and fitting a perfect replacement piece to fill the hole and then performing a bit of plaster magic to connect the separate pieces together again. After which we level and finish the section to make it ready for the repainting.


A professional plaster patching will make it almost impossible to nothing that anything happened in that place. However to achieve a perfect plaster patching job requires experience and expertise, both of which the team at Pro Plastering Hobart has plenty of. So Call us today for a Free consultation and Quote! We're Hobart's plaster supply and installation specialists!

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