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What Is Gyprock Plasterboard?

Since it's invention thousands of years ago plaster was constructed from sand, lime, animal hair and various other ingredients. It was used to achieve smooth interior surfaces in building ceilings and walls. Up until the 1940s even the majority of Australian homes featured the good old 'lath and plaster' which was used to achieved the same smooth finish required for painting.


Around the beginning of the 20th century a new method of setting gypsum plaster between two layers of felt paper to create what is now commonly known as plasterboard. These sheets were much easier to transport and install and provided and even smoother finish for painting. This new type of plaster board supply was already dry between the layers of paper, hence it got the name Drywall.


Gypsym plasters were already becoming more popular than lime at this stage due to their reduced drying time and this new plaster board supply received the name Gyprock. Standard plasterboard is created by sandwiching a layer of gypsum plaster in between two pieces of specialised paper. The paper comes in a variety of types with differing qualities such as water, fire or sound proofing.

How Relevant is Gyprock Plasterboard today?

The simple answer is 'Very'. Since it's inception gyprock plasterboard supplies have skyrocketed and it is used widely across the globe. To sum up, most plasterboard used in buildings these days is in fact Gyprock plaster, through it may not specifically be the official Gyprock brand, it's much of a muchness. 

At Pro plastering Hobart, we pride ourselves on a through expertise working with gyprock plaster board and always seek to use the highest quality plaster supplies so our plasterers can provide you with the smoothest possible finishes ready for painting. In fact, we can also take care of that as well to bring your living or workspace to life.

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